The drama of Ophelia from Plovdiv: Lonely, 74, under quarantine

A 74-year-old woman from Plovdiv, who returned from Great Britain ten days ago, found herself in a terrifying situation - it turned out that she could not take care of herself.
The woman, who lives on the 5th floor of a block of flats in "Severen", is in a wheelchair. Separately, upon her arrival, she was placed under a 14-day quarantine.
Ophelia lived with her daughter in London for 5 months. There she received health care through the British social services.
After realizing she couldn't even buy food on her own, she turned to an employee of the professional janitorial company with which her entrance has a contract for help.
The woman was literally crying out of despair, the company says. From there, in a very short time, they managed to move the Social Service in the "North" region.
The woman has TELC for diabetes and is in a wheelchair. There is no possibility for her to go to the town hall and submit her documents for social patronage herself.
"We have a joint program with the Bulgarian Red Cross for similar situations. We activated it and today our volunteers will bring food and medicine to the woman. In the second stage, social workers will fill in the documents necessary for the start of a social patronage procedure at her home," said the deputy mayor of "Severen" Dr. Krasimir Asenov.
The procedure is quite long and requires filling out documents at the regional town hall.
In "Severen" 17 lonely and poor people are cared for individually in this way.
City Hall employees will be wearing protective suits when dealing with suspected cases of coronavirus.

Rosen Sarumov
in. Maritsa

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