The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications publishes new samples of the mandatory declarations under the EUES

New models of the mandatory documents under the Condominium Management Law (ZUES) have been approved. They were developed in connection with the changes in the normative act, which came into force on September 29 of this year.

On the website of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, citizens can find the new samples of the Model Regulations for the internal order in condominiums, Declaration for entering data and changing circumstances of data in the condominium book, Condominium Book, Agreement to create an association of owners and Monthly statement of income and expenses of a condominium. The documents are published in the menu "Housing policy", section "Condominium". For the convenience of users, the updated law has also been placed in the section.

Completely new documents are the Declaration for entering data and changing circumstances in the condominium book and the Monthly Report on the revenues and expenses of the condominium.

In the Declaration for entering data and for changing circumstances in the condominium book, the attitude of the people living in a given apartment will be necessarily described - whether they are owners, users or residents. In addition to the data on location, area, ideal parts and purpose, the animals owned or taken for breeding in the object, which are taken out in public places, will also be described, and for dogs, the number of the veterinary medical passport will also be indicated. The declaration is submitted to the management board or the manager, and this can also be done electronically. Such a request must be submitted by each owner or user within 15 days of acquiring the right of ownership, use or after entering into another legal relationship that allows the residence of third parties, as well as in the event of a change in circumstances. The data from the submitted declaration is entered by the manager or the chairman of the management board in the condominium book, which can also be electronic. Therefore, it will include an e-mail address for notification of the owner or user, if it has one. The management board (the manager), the control board (the controller), the owner - for his data, as well as the bodies of the ministries of the interior and regional development and public works, the municipal or regional administration and the Bulgarian food safety agency subject to the provisions for the protection of personal data.

For the convenience of citizens, a sample of the Monthly Income and Expense Statement of a condominium has been developed and published for the first time. In addition to the mandatory and traditional income/expenses from contributions for management and maintenance of the common parts of the condominium, it will also include income from the utilization of funds from the state or European budget, grants and subsidies received, income from RES installations, income from rental of advertising or technical equipment, etc.

The costs include the remuneration of the management and control board of the block, the reciprocal house manager and the controller, the cashier, as well as costs for the remuneration of a professional manager-trader when the block is managed by a specialized company.

The statement of income and expenses with the indicated month and year for which it was drawn up is placed by the manager or the chairman of the management board in a prominent place at the entrance of the building, so that all owners, residents or users can familiarize themselves with it, as upon request, they provide it in paper or electronic format.

The changes in the ZEES are in implementation of the reform "Facilitating and increasing the efficiency of investments", enshrined in the National Plan for Recovery and Sustainability of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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