A neighbor drove a whole block crazy in Plovdiv

A woman with mental problems has been driving an entire block of flats in Plovdiv crazy for years, and its residents don't know what to do.
She regularly breaks down the doors of cellars or rooms between floors and takes things from them. The block is a panel building and is on Dunav Blvd.
"I had a bicycle in the little room. The neighbor, I don't know where she got the strength from, but she was able to open the door and the padlock with a push! The police came and covered the lock with a special powder and her fingerprints came out. They found my bike in her apartment. We didn't press charges because it doesn't make any sense," said one of the neighbors.
A month ago, the troublesome neighbor broke all the padlocks in the cellars. And again, objects disappeared, which were later found in her home.
Neighbors know her penchant for taking other people's bikes.
“I saw her a few months ago riding a new green bike. I immediately called the police if a bike with this color is wanted so they know where it might be," says another resident of the block.
A third was called to the police to testify, because then the woman claimed that there were beetles installed, with which they followed her in the apartment. 
People say that the troubled neighbor was committed to a mental institution several times, and then released.
She used to live in Sofia, but now she is divorced and has no children.
The woman is non-contact and spends her whole day on the benches in the neighborhood or in the garden next to the chapel between the blocks.
Currently, there is no law under which Condominium can deal with such a neighbor.
The procedure for placement in an institution can only be initiated by a prosecutor. Any citizen can report to the prosecutor's office.
However, the final decision is made by the court, which listens to the opinion of experts - psychiatrists.

Rosen Sarumov

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