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Professional house manager, treasurer and condominium manager

The service "professional house manager and condominium treasurer” is a combination of professional management of the condominium and the management of the finances and budget of the condominium, the organization, collection and payment of the sums for the maintenance, management and repair activities of the common areas.

This service provides both assistance from a private house manager in the management of the condominium, as well as in the organization and fulfillment of financial obligations, the collection of fees for each resident in the building and their payment to the relevant authorities.

We from BG Domoupravitel we offer:

How the service works "private house manager and tresurer" of condominiums?

Today, words like "entrance treasurer" or "house manager” are used less and less in a residential building. Collecting taxis from door to door is now a thing of the past. In our hectic daily life, time is our most precious resource, which no one wants to compromise with. That is why we at BG Domoupravelitel are available to provide professional management of your condominium.

  • From the 1st to the 5th of the month, we prepare and upload an information board-table with the allocated amounts for overhead expenses and a statement of income and expenses for the previous month. Overhead costs are distributed according to the decision of the General Assembly of the condominium (OS of the EU) and according to the provisions of the ŽUES.
  • From the 5th to the 25th of the month, we collect the amounts for overhead costs and for carrying out planned and urgent repairs. 
  • We pay EU suppliers from the 25th to the 31st of the month.

Amounts for overhead costs are collected in several ways: through the Epay and Easypay systems, at our Bulgarian Post offices, at our offices: str. Kavala 20, shopping center "Arimag" off. 34. For this purpose, each individual object receives a client number from us.

Why choose professional house manager and treasurer of condominiums by BG Domoupravitel?

We at BG Domoupravitel have over 12 years of experience, we manage over 20,000 households in over 700 residential, administrative buildings and complexes on the territory of the city of Plovdiv.

Our highly qualified team of house managers will take care of the maximum comfort of each of the residents of the building by ensuring the most appropriate process for condominium management, finances and budget, as well as the organization, collection and payment of sums for the maintenance, management and repair activities of the common areas.

We at make our customers our first priority and adapt to meet all the unique requirements of your condominium. If you are looking for house manager in Plovdiv, do not hesitate - contact us now.

Neat condominiums are not just in the movies!

Don't leave your condominium without a manager. Instead, choose a qualified team of professional house managers with time-proven expertise, experience and motivation who will be of maximum benefit to their clients.