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Cashier and condominium manager

Experience in condominium budget planning and execution

BG Domoupravitel® has more than 12 years of experience in planning and managing the annual budgets of various residential and administrative buildings in the city of Plovdiv. Tens of thousands of households have chosen us to act as their condominium treasurer because they value our professionalism, clear and honest relationships, and meticulous accountability. We always strive to offer more to our clients so that they can rest assured that they have the right partner in us.

Why choose us for condominium treasurer?

BG Domoupravitel® offers you comprehensive planning and management of the annual budget of the condominium for the territory of the city of Plovdiv. This also includes the collection, coordination and payment of income and expenses to pay for planned and unplanned repair activities and maintenance of the common areas in the respective property. 

We provide the convenience for our customers to choose their preferred method of paying monthly fees. The latter can be paid via Epay and Easypay, at a counter in "Bulgarian Post" or in our office. The procedure is maximally simplified to make it really easy for our subscribers. 

By the 5th of the current month, we prepare and place in a suitable place in the condominium an information board-table with the fees owed by each household for the month. Along with it, we also add a statement of income and expenses for the previous month, so that our customers are aware at any moment what the total amounts were used for. By the 25th, we collect the fees for management and maintenance costs. Whichever payment method is chosen, the procedure itself is really easy, as each object has its own customer number in our system. By the end of the month, we make the payments with the suppliers of goods and services for the needs of the condominium.

The activity is carried out according to the provisions of the Condominium Management Act and the decisions of the General Assembly of the owners. The house manager and the treasurer have the obligation to organize and control the implementation of the relevant regulations and the adopted decisions.

Thousands of households have chosen us as their treasurer

We are truly honored and aware of our responsibility that thousands of households in the city of Plovdiv have chosen our company to manage their condominium budget. In order for our clients to be truly reassured that their money is being spent according to the decisions approved by the General Assembly, we report at the beginning of each following month the income and expenses for the previous month. If necessary and at the request of our subscribers, we also provide interim reports.   

In our work, we always strive to reduce costs whenever possible. It is also important for us to facilitate as much as possible all the procedures related to the management and organization of the income and expenses of the condominium. That is why we offer our customers the most effective and working solutions that we have come up with in our long-term practice. In this way, in addition to money, we also save time.

The "Condominium Treasurer" service will cost only 0.5% of the minimum wage per apartment per month. For this minimal price, you get professional management of shared money, transparent terms and regular reporting. You have access to financial documents at any time to exercise effective control. And most importantly, you get the peace of mind that all the activities necessary for the maintenance of the common parts of the condominium are carried out in a timely manner and according to the decisions adopted by the General Assembly.  

Neat condominiums are not just in the movies!

Don't leave your condominium without a manager. Instead, choose a qualified team of professional house managers with time-proven expertise, experience and motivation who will be of maximum benefit to their clients.