Happy ending for Ofelia from Plovdiv - hot food is waiting for the weekend

Desperate 74-year-old Ofelia Sokolova from Severen received a new comfortable wheelchair. It was brought to her by a volunteer from the "Plovdiv 112" formation. "The youth did not enter the house because I am under quarantine. He just left the cart by the front door and left. For now, two young men from the neighboring apartments buy me products," explained grandmother Ophelia. She returned from the UK a week ago and was immediately placed under a 14-day quarantine. In the meantime, it turned out that the old woman could not take care of her sabe. And first she called the company of professional house managers that serves her block, insisting that they take over her care. The company called various social services, and so Severen City Hall together with volunteers from the BRC took care of the grandmother. "My daughter's family in Landon is fine," the old lady assured. For now, Grandma Ophelia has groceries. The volunteers have promised to bring her hot meals on Saturdays and Sundays. Rosen Sarumov in Maritsa 20.03.2020

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