The documentation of 100 buildings in "Severen" has disappeared

There are no technical passports and energy certificates for the buildings on your list. Such an answer was received from a large municipality by the company "BG Domoupravitel" to its official inquiry of September 3. The housing managers sent a letter to the town hall in "Severen" and to the deputy mayor, Eng. Yordan Kalev, to which they attached a list of over 100 residential buildings in "Karshiyaka".
 By law, technical passports and documentation for blocks over 15 meters must be kept in a large municipality. The majority of the sites we manage are exactly like that and were built after 2000. It turns out that they do not have technical passports, the company says. The worrying thing is that many of the buildings are new cooperatives between Novotela and Dunav Blvd. Are there passports for buildings in the municipality at all, the company asks.
The answer of the municipality is: In connection with the letter received, with which you ask to be provided with information regarding registered technical passport and energy certificate for buildings, we inform you that for the specified objects for condominiums, there are no registered ones in the registry maintained by the Municipality of Plovdiv".
The "Severen" town hall also did not provide data on whether the buildings were passported. From there, they asked the company to send a certificate for commissioning or a construction permit for each of the buildings. They will then check if they have data.
According to the current European directive from 2006, all buildings must have technical passports prepared. The aim is to see if they are earthquake-resistant according to the requirements of the respective area. In our country, after four postponements, the deadline for passporting is 2022. It will be carried out by surveying companies and, according to experts' estimates, it will cost between 3 and 5 BGN per square meter.

Rosen Sarumov
in. Maritsa

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