Changes to the Law on Condominiums will come in stages

"The changes in the Condominium Law adopted by the National Assembly will come into effect in four stages," noted Lilia Cholakova, a member of the Management Board of the Association of Condominium Management Companies.

The first stage began on September 29 with the promulgation of the changes. The second date is 31.12.2023, the third - 1.07.2024 and the fourth - 31.12.2024.

"All home managers, professional or not, should pay attention to which provision comes into force when, so that they can implement it on time," warned Lilia Cholakova.

Under the new law, the condominium manager gets a lot of responsibilities. Among them is to submit a monthly report of income and expenses in the condominium, the expert recalled.

According to Cholakova, the house manager (managing board) and the controller (control board) will be paid remuneration. These individuals should not forget that they need to file a tax return for this income.

Additional duties of the house manager are charged: to provide a monthly report on the info board; to issue a declaration according to the model for the presence and absence of an obligation of the owner to the treasury and the condominium.

"This report must be hung in a prominent, publicly accessible place in the entrance, so that absolutely all owners, users and residents can familiarize themselves with it, be aware of what the initial cash was, what the income, expenses, what is the balance at the end of the month," Cholakova noted.

In addition, the house manager will issue to the apartment owners a document about the presence or absence of obligations to the condominium. Such a document will already be required when selling an apartment.

"This is similar to the obligations to the National Revenue Agency," said Lilia Cholakova.

Management costs and maintenance costs can now be allocated in three different ways: according to the number of owners, users and occupants; per cent ideal parts of the common parts of the building and per number of independent objects. The method is determined by the general meeting.

The companies of professional house managers are subject to registration with the MRRB, but this will become a fact by 31.12.2024.

"The house manager will have to have an e-mail address, which is announced in the Municipality, when performing the registration procedure. On this e-mail, he should carry out correspondence with the owners, who should send a model declaration for the owner's book, a model declaration for a change in the number of residents, send powers of attorney for representation at the general assembly, declarations for absentee voting, etc., "Cholakova added.

The controller must not forget to prepare an annual cash audit report.

After 31.12.2023 general meetings will be able to be held in a mixed working mode - in person and online.

You can hear an interview with Lilia Cholokawa from the attached sound file.

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