Attention! Fake cashiers rip off money from naive people of Plovdiv

They present themselves as cashiers of professional house managers

Fake cashiers go around Plovdiv and collect considerable sums from the residents of large blocks of flats. Professional house managers were alarmed by this. Fraudsters pretend to be cashiers of companies and thus easily fool naive neighbors.
Today we received a report that two young men were walking around the Kichuk Paris neighborhood, says the manager of "BG Domoupravitel" Lilia Cholakova. In an apartment block on "3rd March" street, which we have been serving for years, a boy and a girl managed to take BGN 64 from a resident of the address in this way. They explained to him that the company had sent them to the place to facilitate him and to collect the due fees.
Since the state of emergency due to the coronavirus, we have duly notified our customers that we are suspending door-to-door tolls. We use other payment channels - Easy Pay or Ipay, explains Lilia Cholakova.
However, the man did not doubt for a moment and immediately paid 64 BGN. The supposed cashiers, on the other hand, worked with prior preparation. At the entrance to the block in question was a list of the specific amounts that each household owed the professional house manager. The couple informed each other about this in advance and without hesitation named the exact amount in front of the man. Finally, they even gave him a flying receipt for the payment made.
A few minutes later, however, the man remembered the message from "BG Domoupravelitel" about the emergency fees and realized that he was a victim of fraud. He managed to catch up with the young men and after a scandal they returned the money to him. However, they managed to sew up a story with white threads, according to which they had to hand over the sums to a certain Asya, and she, in turn, to the company.
However, we do not have an employee named Asya, Liliya Cholakova is categorical. She personally notified the First Police Station about the fraudulent scheme, because similar scenarios have already happened in Varna and Sofia.
Vera Poriazova
in. Maritsa

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