House managers ask the mayor: Where to find the archives for the old buildings

Two weeks ago, a Plovdiv company that employs professional house managers sent an official inquiry to the temporary mayor of the "North" district and to the mayor Ivan Totev with questions about the passporting procedures.
It turns out that the administration is not yet ready to work on the implementation of the directive.
Professional house managers have attached a list of addresses of hundreds of objects in "Karshiyaka" and ask how many of them have an energy and technical passport and, if not, whether there is at least construction documentation in the municipal archives.

There is no answer to the inquiry yet.  
In every building project, there are separate sections that deal with architecture, construction, condition of concrete and fixtures.
Other sections deal with plumbing and electrical.
The volume of the collected documentation is another problem, because it must be stored in the town halls or in a large municipality.
How will such an archive fit in a town hall quartered in a shack, like "Severen" for example?
In a large municipality, the archive is 7 times larger than that of the regional town hall.
If put together, they would take up half the national library. At the same time, the digitization process of the archive has not yet started. 
"So far we are keeping the documentation, but most likely it will be necessary to expand the premises. Different documents are kept for different periods of time, and then they are handed over to the State Archives", explained Deputy Mayor Yordan Kalev. 

Rosen Sarumov
in. Maritsa

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