They forced their way into the apartment of the pensioner, who had a whole block without heating in Plovdiv

Radka Gospodinova does not allow the teams of Toplofikatsia to repair a burst pipe

Municipal employees forced their way into the home of the pensioner, who had an entire block without heating. As reported, for more than a month 160 residents of the 14-story block on Brezovska Street have been standing in the cold. The reason is that their neighbor - Radka Gospodinova, does not allow the teams of Toplofikatsia to repair a broken pipe.
Due to the accident, the lower apartment was flooded, and the heating was stopped in the entire building. The first report of the problem was filed on February 14. Two inspections were made, and the damage was found in the second one. It is between two floors - Gospodinova's and the upper one. It was forced, but due to Radka's disapproval, the heat supply was stopped, and the water continued to flow.  
After the first refusal of the woman to admit the employees of Toplofikatsia, the neighbors appealed to the regional town hall. From there, they issued an order for access to the apartment, but even after the deadline, no result was achieved. For this reason, the town hall appealed to the Administrative Court under the tepetas, which ruled on the case today.
The magistrates gave the go-ahead for the district administration to enter the apartment and repair the pipes, which are right between hers, the 4th floor, and the top floor.
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