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Catalog of the Services of BGHome Manager

  1. Professional Condominium Manager At "BGDomoupratel" we offer the "Professional Apartment Manager" service in Plovdiv, which includes comprehensive management and maintenance of your building. Our team of experienced professionals handles all aspects of building management, from organizing ongoing repairs and maintenance to coordinating general meetings and resolving disputes. We strive to provide smooth, hassle-free and efficient management that ensures peace of mind and comfort for all residents.

  2. Condominium Treasurer The Condominium Treasurer service offered by BGHome Manager is key to managing your building's finances. Our cashiers ensure accurate and transparent collection of monthly dues and other costs related to building maintenance and management. This service includes a detailed report of all financial transactions, ensuring clarity and accountability for all owners. With our help, the financial management of your building becomes hassle-free and convenient for every resident.