A basement in a block of flats in Plovdiv has been flooded for the third time this month

It is located on "Nikola Vaptsarov" Blvd., their drainage costs BGN 434.

The basement of a block of flats at 23 Nikola Vaptsarov Blvd. in Plovdiv was flooded after torrential rains. A reader of Trafficnews.bg reported to us that the cause of this flood was the "Sunrays" store, which, according to him, flooded the premises for the third time this month.
"The white box is supposed to be an oil trap, at least that's what they call it," he says, the photo clearly showing water spewing out of it.
"For the people who live in our entrance, each drainage costs BGN 434," he says.
"You can clearly see how the water is leaking from there, but none of the owners wants to take responsibility," adds the reader.
Plovdiv TrafficNews

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