They convicted a landlord because of his tenant's billboards

For every inscription in the facade, look for rent, advise the professional house managers

A co-op condemned one of its owners simply because he did not collect rent for a hanging advertisement and awning from the tenant of his shop.
The condominium is in a cooperative in the "Severen" area.
And the initial obligation of the Plovdiv resident of BGN 500 has now quadrupled. 

The case is without precedent in Plovdiv, because many owners do not know that rent is due for advertising panels and signs stuck up by their tenants.
This is only valid if it concerns inscriptions placed on the facade. For those on the joinery or glass on it, nothing is owed, specify the professional home cleaners. 
There are several shops and offices in the cooperative. Their tenants have stuck a bunch of advertising panels and signs on the facade.
At a general meeting in 2017, the apartment ownership decides after one month which of the tenants wants to pay rent, and which one does not - to remove the patterned tins.
The decision was made after the signs were measured and calculated relative to the municipality's advertising rents.
Everyone agrees to pay. Only the tenant of one of the shops says: I pay the owner - ask him for his money!
The same person hung an advertisement measuring 400 by 60 centimeters, a vertical inscription 100 by 50 centimeters and a sun protection awning 3 by 1 meter.
According to condominium law, rent is due for each of these things.
The shop owner also gets away with saying: Deal with the tenant! Thus begins a legal case that lasts 3 years and goes through the Regional and District Courts.
Before the start of the case, the owner is summoned in all legal ways. He does not appear, and the court appoints a special representative - i.e. a duty lawyer.
The interested party has borne his expenses. The District Court issues a decision in favor of the condominium.
The official decided to challenge the decision of the court at a higher instance. The District Court confirms the decision of the Regional Court.
It is now final and not subject to appeal.
In addition to the principal, the debtor has to pay court fees for two instances, two forensic examinations and two lawyers' fees each to the District Court and the District Court. 
Rosen Sarumov
in. Maritsa

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